TonyKart ist wieder Weltmeister…


On the circuit in Mariembourg, our Team lived another unforgettable day gaining the well-deserved World Championship thanks to Marco Ardigò . The result of the KF1 class is more than clear: our Racing Team showed its solidity for the whole week-end gaining the prefinal pole-position with Gary Catt and placing a great double-barrelled in the queen class of Karting. During the qualifying our Drivers lay the foundation for the
victory: Gary and Marco literally fly and monopolize the list of the timing.

Catt scores immediately a magnificent and unreachable 53”530, followed by the 53”595 scored by Marco in the second manche of the qualifying. In the manches Gary gets no penalty and winning three times, he get the pole position of the prefinal and also Marco’s rhythm is very good. Marco is only stopped by the Team-mate and by Sauro Cesetti (Birel-Iame-Bridgestone). The starting grid of the final is decided at the beginning of the prefinal: at the starting-signal Marco, on the external side of the track, sprang very fast and drove to the finishing line in front of the Team-mate Gary. Behind the green drivers, immediately arrive the blue-cousins of the Kosmic Team, Niko Bollingtoft and Bailly, followed by the other Tony Kart English driver James Calado. The result of the final was the decided when the drivers started : Marco is perfect and goes away very fast imposing an incredible rhythm , impossible to be reache by the competitors. Gary looses two positions and he is obliged to display his determination in order to recover and get back to his second position. Our English driver overtakes Kozlinski at first (Crg-Tm-Bridgestone) and Bollingtoft then (Kosmic-Vortex-Bridgestone), trying to follow and catch Marco. The race is an amazing fight through fastest laps between Marco and Gary, the competitors cannot keep the rhythm and the check-flag kisses the head of Tony Karrt-Vortex-Marco Ardigò. With all the green on the podium, we also have our Team Manager Giacomo Aliprandi, completing the success of a Team in which the armony of the group and the organisation are some of the most important features. Not so lucky was the race of our Drivers in the KF2
class: the performances of the European Champion Will Stevens were ok, but an ill-fated, stupid failure stopped our Driver when he was ready to get the front line. Although these troubles, in the final, Will recovered from the back-lines and demonstrated how big our potential is. For the young Driver there is a important challenge in the next future: he will drive in the KF1 with our Official Team. Our Customers made also very good performances, especially the Ward Team and the JJ-KS Racing who placed respectively Wernersson and Deschamps in the 4th and 5th placement. The title in the KF1 is the seal of a season that gave us unforgettable satisfactions, giving us also a push to go on with the intense job of research and development of out means.

Giacomo Aliprandi – Team Manager of Tony Kart Racing Team “In this week-end everything worked perfectly, we know that things are not always ok and the other are not there just to look so it’s very important that we won. It has been a great satisfaction having won this World Title, after all the job we made finally we got the results. This is a great result for the Team , Marco was absolutely good, but all the Team demonstrated to work properly. The job we make here in the Racing Team, is profit-full also for the Kosmic and the FA and the results gained today is a confirmation of the good job made, if you just keep in consideration the performances of the Kosmic.”

Marco Ardigò – driver Tony Kart Racing Team categoria KF1 WORLD CHAMPION “I cannot realize that I have just conquered this Title, that I have always been pursuing… This Title is very important to me, not only because this is my first World Championship, but also because it is the first Championship with the new engine, KF1, very important for Tony Kart and Vortex, as well. As I said, I am particularly happy for the Team, but for sure my personal satisfaction is really great!
„You have been at the top during the whole Final, did you work hard to keep the gap you gained from your team-mate? „
I pushed hard during the whole race, never giving up, I didn’t want Gary to reach me. This is a World Championship and nobody of us, between Gary and me, wanted to give in. Gary is a very fast driver and the Team put us in the condition to compare ourselves, with the same material, also in the occasion of this important event and, in the end, we made a wonderful race… Now, I want to celebrate!“

Gary Catt – driver Tony Kart Racing Team KF1 class “If, before arriving in Tony Kart, someone had told me that one day in my life I could catch this result, I could not believe it. I am very happy but, you know, when you just arrive for second you feel some bitter flavour in your mouth. From yesterday, we were very fast in each manche and on Friday we were fats too, so I thought I could have won, but at the end the result was a second place. I think this is a fantastic result for me and for all the Team : Marco really did a great job winning both the prefinal and the final, I tried to follow him but he faced the race without any problem. I think that it is an immense joy for him today , we two, we all gave our best and he is the World Champion!”
What will you do in the future?
“I think that I will always stay with Tony Kart: I learned a lot in these last three years. I am 26 years old and I almost old as a Kart Driver :
although this I am still learning a lot and improving day by day. I personally think that the Team gave me a lot since the beginning. I hope to stay here with the Team until the moment I will retire from racing.”

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